Vida at Sloans Lake

Affordable Senior Living Coming in 2019
West Colfax and Quitman Streets
Denver, CO 80402


vida at sloans lake

The Vida at Sloan’s Lake community will be an affordable mixed-use development on West Colfax Avenue (between Quitman and Perry Street) as part of the larger Sloans district. “Vida”, the Spanish word for “Life”, focuses on the concept of healthy living not only for its future senior and disabled residents, but also on “re-establishing” health services on the ground-floor of the building to serve the surrounding community. The complex will be developed, owned, and operated by the Denver Housing Authority whose mission is to create thriving communities in Denver. Vida at Sloan’s Lake promises to be another shining example of this mission. This property will consist of 175 low-income restricted units for senior/disabled persons with approximately 28,000 sf of commercial space. Construction is anticipated to start in mid-2017 and be completed by the Fall of 2018.

For development related questions, please contact DHA’s Development Project Manager, Chris Spelke.

For housing and future waitlist inquiries specific to Vida at Sloan’s Lake, contact DHA’s COO of Housing Management, Angela Fletcher. Or call 720-932-3102

For general DHA current waitlist information please email gro.g1579821395nisuo1579821395hrevn1579821395ed@ro1579821395odtno1579821395rf1579821395.