History of the Sloans Site

St Anthony Hospital 1894The Poor Sisters of St. Francis opened the doors of the 180 bed St. Anthony’s Hospital (SAH) on the south shore of Sloan’s Lake. Still a remote location on the western edge of Denver, the hospital provided health care for railroad workers 
and miners.
Flight For Life. St. Anthony Flight For Life was the first civilian, hospital-based emergency medical helicopter in the United States. Over 300 flight programs around the country and around the world have since been modeled on this concept.
By the early 2000s SAH began to outgrow its 19-acre campus and in 2005 announced plans to build a new facility at the Federal Center in nearby Lakewood and close the central campus.
City councilman Rick Garcia helped convene the St. Anthony Redevelopment Task Force to study and recommend a set of guiding principles for the site’s redevelopment.

Enter EnviroFinance Group

St. Anthony’s Hospital announces that it has entered into exclusive negotiations with EnviroFinance Group for the purchase and redevelopment of the soon to be vacated central SAH campus.
EFG holds a series of community meetings to revisit the Task Force and Colfax Plan recommendations and gather community input on opportunities and concerns for redeveloping the site. EnviroFinance Group holds over thirty community meetings to develop a set of guiding principles and ultimately a site plan for the process.
April 22nd, 2013 the demolition of St. Anthony’s Hospital begins with the exception of the 16th Avenue Chapel, the parking garage and the “Kuhlman” Building.

For a longer demolition video, click here.